Name Title Description
emforge-portal EmForge Portal EmForge Portal is a next generation project hosting software combined wide set of tools simplified distributed teams collaboration, social network and enterprise-wide functionality. For now, EmForge
emforge-portlet EmForge Liferay Portlets EmForge Liferay Portlets is a part of EmForge Portal projeect provided reusable portlets implemented major EmForge functionality like: Managing Projects; Browse SVN Repository; Many more
emforge-lite EmForge Lite If you are looking for Hosted Solution, check EmForge Portal EmForge Lite is previous version of EmForge, initially hosted on
liferay-petstore-portlet Liferay Petstore Portlet This project is created here to provide set of tutorials about portlet development for Liferay with using standard "Pet Catalog" sample. Also, I hope it willbe a good sample of EmForge
emforge-mylyn-provider EmForge MyLyn Provider The target for this project is implement provider to connect from MyLyn to EmForge (Now EmForge Lite ). It will allow users to use EmForge from MyLyn. EmForge Provider is communicating with
spm UCM_Development
hdv hdv testing
mytest mytest  fdsfdsfdsf
tu TUT Class Project This is the project for all assignments related to my TUT class.
loomstate Loomstate
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